Ritu Chandra stand up comedian

Ritu Chandra is a stand-up comedian. 
The daughter of Indian immigrants, she left home at 18 and has lived all over 
the United States since then. Never feeling like she fit in anywhere, 
she quickly realized humor was a way to get along with others. 

Ritu currently lives in New Jersey with 
her husband, son and dog. She loves all three of them but never at the same 
time... someone is always in first place, usually the dog.  Her comedy is based on her life experiences, which continue to grow stranger by the day.  Ritu will remind you of that one friend who says 
what you are thinking
but you know better than to say out
loud. Ritu brings her sarcastic 
observations and relatable humor to 

such topics as motherhood, marriage, aging, suburban life and much more. 

Ritu has been seen on NBC's The

Today Show and heard on Compound Media's Burning Bridges
and the Mornin'!!! show.  She performs regularly at 
Stand Up NY (New York City), Gotham Comedy Club (New YorkCity) and Stress Factory (New Brunswick, NJ).  She has also performed in at the The Laugh Factory (Chicago, IL), The Set Up (San Francisco, CA) and Bonkerz Comedy Club (Maryland).  You can also hear her on the new hit podcast Why Bother? with 

Ritu and Ken.